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HH Gourmet: Taste of NY

HH Gourmet is arguably the best place to grab a bagel in Shenzhen. HH Gourmet not only serves bagels, but sandwiches and great fruit juice. (more...)

All Night Out @ Club Viva

If you're new in town, you'll definitely want to check out Club Viva in Futian. Pool tables, an inner seating lounge and good music make good times to be had by all. (more...)

From Japan with Love: Chihiro

A small slice of Japan is waiting for you under the Che Gong Miao train station in Futian! Anime, stories of dreams and amazingly fresh sushi are the order of the day at Chihiro Sushi! (more...)

Come Eat @ The Happy Fish Ball

Sometimes the quick meal is the best meal. Ever had a bowl of noodles with spicy, creamy peanut butter sauce and a side of fish balls? Come and try at the Happy Fish Ball. (more...)

McCawley's Pub @ CoCo Park

McCawley's Irish Pub and Bar is one of Shenzhen's most well-known pubs, with locations in areas like Shekou and Coco Park. Enjoy Mexican, Tex-Mex, Banh Mi and Thai cuisine. (more...)

Spaghetti at Bear's Coffee

Bear's Coffee is an Italian-themed coffee shop that serves dishes such as pizza, spaghetti and several types of sandwiches. The food is both light and flavorful. (more...)

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Korean Food on Shenzhen Eats

Korean Food Around Shenzhen to be Featured on Shenzhen Eats

Located in Che Gong Miao, in the middle of the Futian CBD (central business district), lies the Donghai... (more...)

What to Expect @ SZEATS 2014

What to Expect in 2014 at the Shenzhen Eats Website

As we enter the year 2014, there are a lot of changes that will be looking forward to on the Shenzhen Eats... (more...)

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