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Deng Fu Tan Fook @ Futian

Deng Fu Tan Fook
Fortune Plaza, No. 7002-2 Shennan Road, Futian District


Nestled right in the middle of the CBD (Central Business District) is Fortune Plaza, in a location informally known as Shenzhen's koreatown, where you can taste pretty much all styles of Korean cooking and cuisine.

One of the most well-known establishments in Fortune Plaza doesn't exactly have an English name, but instead a Hong Kong transliteration. This restaurant's name is Deng Fu Tan Fook is located near the 520 photography studio at the bottom of Building B and is readily noticeable by its pink signboard at the front entrance.

While this restaurant is smaller in size compared to the other Korean restaurants in the plaza, the quality of food is great.

Some of our Shenzhen Eat favorites include the kimchi, seaweed soup and omurice, a type of korean omelette.

The omurice is especially delicious and is filled with rice and a mixture of carrot, onion, red bell peppers and ham or crab meat.

This place can get busy during the weekday dinner shift, but is usually worth the wait.

Deng Fu Tan Fook (Futian District): Main Image Gallery
Front Entrance of Deng Fu Tan Fook at Fortune Plaza in Futian. Complementary appetizers at Deng Fu Tan Fook in Futian. Korean vegetable soup at Deng Fu Tan Fook in Fortune Plaza in Futian. Korean vegetable soup at Deng Fu Tan Fook in Fortune Plaza in Futian. Korean omelette at Deng Fu Tan Fook in Fortune Plaza. A diner enjoying lunch at Deng Fu Tan Fook in Futian.
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Deng Fu Tan Fook @ Futian: Image Gallery
Shenzhen Eats Street View: Deng Fu Tan Fook

Deng Fu Tan Fook (Futian District)

This restaurant is located in Fortune Plaza in Futian and serves dishes such as kimchi, seaweed soup and omurice, a type of korean omelette.

Establishment Information:

Seating Capacity: 40-55
Price per Diner:
Operating Hours: 11:00-23:00

Woodard Education
Woodard Education
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