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Delicious Chocolate Toilet Swirl! (Sarah C Pedersen)

Modern Toilet Restaurant Attracts Many

Toilet-themed restaurant evolves from novelty to serious tourist attraction

By SZ Eats Staff on August 8, 2013

LUOHU - there are few that push the boundaries of the eating experience like the Japanese. From hospital-themed restaurants to waitresses dressed in vampire costumes, Japan can sometimes be the quirky culture corner of the planet! In Dongmen however, there’s one restaurant that is producing the same curiosity in diners near and far.

Modern Toilet is a restaurant that has a bathroom theme, serving soup and Chinese dishes out of toilet-shaped bowls and receptacles. Even the chairs are toilets, while the tables are often bathtubs with glass lids.

While there are sure to be many dishes that make you squirm, the most iconic of them all is the “chocolate swirl”, a serving of creamy chocolate ice cream served in a toilet-shaped bowl, which looks like… well, you be the judge.

So how did this restaurant make it’s delectable debut in Dongmen? It’s actually just one in a line of Modern Toilet restaurants opened in the past 10 or so years across Asia.

A big fan of anime, one of the founders of this Taiwanese company was apparently on the toilet, while reading Dr. Slump (a Japanese manga that often deals with “toilet humor” and jokes). The idea for “toilet” eating (with a dose of humor) was born.

The first successful product sold was chocolate ice cream swirled in a “squat toilet” styled dish.

Newer diners seem to opt for the chocolate-vanilla version, as it looks less like a steaming pile of poop. The traditional Chinese chicken and beef dishes served over rice are big with return diners. Soups are also a commonly ordered dish.

The restaurant is located in the middle of Dongmen (talk about a needle in a haystack!). There is however a host, who can be easily identified outside of the restaurant, as he is usually wearing a bright blue bathrobe.

Whether you’re in the mood for Chinese comfort food or a little toilet humor, a trip to Modern Toilet will make it worth your while.

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Shenzhen Eats Street View: Modern Toilet


Dongmen Walking St., 1004, 2nd Floor, Liberty Rd.



Featured Shenzhen Eats Venue Details

Modern Toilet Restaurant

Modern Toilet is a Taiwanese creation that has a "toilet" theme and features food served in miniature toilets and drinks served in small 'bed pan'-like containers, which can be taken home as souvenirs.

Establishment Information:

Seating Capacity: 30-50
Price per Diner: 35-65元
Operating Hours: 10:00-21:00

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