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Hot Pot God (Meilong) @ Longhua

Hot Pot God (Meilong)
Apple Garden, No. 681 Meilong Rd., Longhua District


In Shenzhen you can find a lot of delicious types of hot pot restaurants. There is Sichuan hot pot, seafood hot pot and lamb hot pot restaurants for starters. One type of hot pot that might be a little harder to find is the equally delicious Taiwanese style.

One franchise that can be found in Shenzhen is the Hot Pot God. Hot Pot God (a term coined by Shenzhen Eats) is a hot pot franchise literally located all over Guangdong, but also has a few locations in Shenzhen—notably one in Bao’an district and another in Longhua New district.

The location in Longhua district is of decent size and available to accommodate up to 35 diners. Many people still might refer to this branch as the “Bao’an” branch. However, under the later redistricting laws, the Bao’an sub district of “Longhua” has been turned into “Longhua New District”.

The main differences between Taiwanese hot pot and traditional Mainland Chinese hot pots would be the dipping sauce and slightly less emphasis on lamb, as most of the menu’s meat options consist of beef, seafood and meatballs.

Taiwanese (and Cantonese) dipping sauces typically include a raw egg yolk, which is to be added to your dipping sauce in order to reduce the numbing effect of any spicy chili added to your meal. You will often find a wooden carton in the middle of your table, which a raw egg for each guest.

The fish hot pot is incredibly delicious and tender. However, the Shenzhen Eats pick of the restaurant would be the Taiwanese style pork over rice. The braising sauce for the pork was incredible and made the meal complete.

Each guest will also have their own pot to cook with and each “hot pot set” includes a type of meat, several vegetables and smaller items like meatballs or seafood.

The average price for each set is between 85元 and 125元. Higher end sets peak at around 240元. Please keep in mind that for a healthy sized adult, one set may be just enough. If you are budget-conscious, ordering single sets of meat and vegetables may be a better option.

Hot Pot God (Meilong) (Longhua District): Main Image Gallery
Front entrance of Hot Pot God on Mei Long Rd. in Longhua. Menu at Hot Pot God on Mei Long Rd. in Longhua. Vegetable platter at Hot Pot God on Mei Long Rd. in Longhua. Vegetable platter at Hot Pot God on Mei Long Rd. in Longhua. Fresh fish platter with shot of Bai Jiu at Hot Pot God. Fresh beef flanks and shrimp at Hot Pot God in Longhua. Fresh squid and oysters at Hot Pot God in Longhua. Black beef tripe at Hot Pot God on Mei Long Rd. in Longhua. Fish cooked in hot pot at Hot Pot God in Longhua. Beef, mushroom and greens cooking in hot pot at Hot Pot God. Taiwanese pork over rice at Hot Pot God in Longhua. A shot of Bai Jiu at Hot Pot God on Mei Long Rd. in Longhua. Beef flank and shrimp prepared at Hot Pot God in Longhua.
Hot Pot God (Meilong) (Longhua District): Comments Section
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Hot Pot God (Meilong) @ Longhua: Image Gallery
Shenzhen Eats Street View: Hot Pot God (Meilong)

Hot Pot God (Meilong) (Longhua District)

Hot Pot God is a Taiwanese hot pot restaurant located in Guangdong. It specializes in Taiwanese-style hot pot with beef and seafood ingredients.

Establishment Information:

Seating Capacity: 30-40
Price per Diner: 65-125元
Operating Hours: 10:00-22:00

Woodard Education
Woodard Education
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