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Those over there love dining here

Mainlanders dining more at Hong Kong-style restaurants

SHENZHEN - Bon viveurs living in Shenzhen just cannot get enough of our food and restaurants, favoring local dishes over mainland munchies.
The menu for success is revealed in the findings of a survey of 744 residents from across the border during March and April.

When asked how they felt about our food and restaurants, on a scale of one to five - with five being the highest - there was an average rating of 4.02.

Factors behind restaurant choice include brand image (71percent), cuisine (54percent) and price (38percent).

The survey into consumer confidence was carried out by the department of marketing at the City University of Hong Kong.

Associate head professor Yang Zhilin said findings show mainlanders who dine at our restaurants are both high in confidence and satisfaction. "I am delighted to know that there is so much confidence and positive perception towards Hong Kong eateries. This is a very good sign for them to expand into Shenzhen," Yang said.

"To enter the mainland market, in addition to knowing the market needs, it will also be useful to refer to the advantages of Hong Kong restaurants, including brand, product origin and the price to attract mainland diners."

The survey also found that local food is even more popular with Shenzhen residents than that on their doorstep. About 51percent said they are more willing to eat in Hong Kong restaurants than those at home.

Around 57percent frequent Hong Kong restaurants four or more times a year.

"This is a good opportunity for business students, aspiring entrepreneurs and expanding local food chains to learn how mainlanders perceive their products so that they can tailor their marketing strategy accordingly to suit their consumer needs," associate professor Yang Haibin said.

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