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Spice Circle Indian Restaurant (Luohu) @ Luohu

Spice Circle Indian Restaurant (Luohu)
Skymark Tower, Shop 3001-9 3001 Dongmen South Road, Luohu District


The Spice Circle Indian restaurant is a wonderful restaurant tucked away on Dongmen South Road in the downtown area of Luohu.

Spice Circle provides a very formal but inviting banquet style seating with both booth style and 4-person seating arrangements. Even on a busy night, waiting for a table won’t take long.

Often known as a general meeting place for both Indian and Chinese business people alike, Spice Circle also comfortably accommodates regular customers that are stopping in for a bite to eat.

There are so many authentic Indian dishes to try at this restaurant that you may find yourself going back a second or third time to properly sample them all. Tamarind, mint and curry are among the staple flavors on the Indian palette. If it’s your first time to dine at an Indian restaurant, you can always play it safe with a dish that’s either mildly spicy or you can even go for not spicy at all.

If you’re in during lunch time and would simply like a sampling of what is quintessentially Indian, we would recommend trying the Spice Circle Thali, which is sort of a sampler of India’s most popular tastes and textures. As with any Indian restaurant with an authentic menu, vegetarians will find themselves getting quite nicely around the menu at Spice Circle.

A Shenzhen Staff favorite is the Papri Chaat, a dish made of crispy wafers and chickpeas covered with tamarind and mint sauce. The mixture of texture, temperature and taste all create sort of an artistic performance in your mouth.

Any sort of authentic Indian food in Shenzhen seems to range anywhere from 65元 to 125元.

Spice Circle Indian Restaurant (Luohu) (Luohu District): Main Image Gallery
Front entrance of Spice Circle Indian Restaurant in Luohu. Front dining area of Spice Circle Indian Restaurant in Luohu. Patrons preparing to dine at Spice Circle Indian Restuarant in Luohu. Interior decor at Spice Circle Indian Restaurant in Luohu. Long Island Iced Tea at Spice Circle Indian Restaurant in Luohu. Papri Chaat dish at Spice Circle Indian Restaurant in Luohu. Pindi Chole Punjabi dish at Spice Circle Indian Restaurant in Luohu. Indian Roti at Spice Circle Indian Restaurant in Luohu. Palak Paneer spinach puree at Spice Circle Indian Restaurant in Luohu. Basmati rice at Spice Circle Indian Restaurant in Luohu. Complete Indian meal at Spice Circle Indian Restaurant in Luohu.
Spice Circle Indian Restaurant (Luohu) (Luohu District): Comments Section
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Spice Circle Indian Restaurant (Luohu) @ Luohu: Image Gallery
Shenzhen Eats Street View: Spice Circle Indian Restaurant (Luohu)

Spice Circle Indian Restaurant (Luohu) (Luohu District)

Spice Circle Indian Restaurant is in the downtown area of Luohu and features a range of traditional Indian dishes and flavors. Open daily.

Establishment Information:

Seating Capacity: 45-65
Price per Diner: 65-125元
Operating Hours: 11:00-23:00

Woodard Education
Woodard Education
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